Imagine waking up, feeling invigorated, energized and ready for your day. There is a peaceful calmness to your surroundings. The sun is shining and the weather feels pleasant on your skin. Your clothes, professional yet flirty hug your curves just right, and you’ve got just the right swing in your step.

No matter where you are headed, your commute is pleasant. You are able to simultaneously relax and engage with your surroundings. For me, I take the NYC Subway every morning. You might drive or walk to work, or take other forms of public transportation. You might listen to a podcast that teaches you something or inspires you. You might listen to music that is upbeat and fuels your soul. Birds are chirping and trees are green. The blue sky above reminds us that we are fully alive.

As your commute comes to an end, you are excited to embark on your day. The air is fresh and the greetings are warm. The hospitable aroma of coffee lingers in the air. You drop your bag down and sit at your computer. You’re ready for another amazing day.

While not all days can be this perfect, you absolutely can positively sparkle at work and at home. By bringing the best version of yourself to your every day, by believing in the mission and purpose or your organization, by having an optimal team that has your back, by having a boss that is more of a coach and cares about your personal development, and by making sure that you are focused on all dimensions of your well-being – physical, social, financial, relational and purposeful, you will certainly shine.

What does this all mean? The purpose of this blog will explore positive psychology and leadership topics that will inspire you to positively sparkle at work. Stay tuned for more posts on practice tips, advice and life-hacks that will ensure you are consistently living your best self.

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